The Allentown Band, Inc.

WWFM Presents the Allentown Band

"The Golden Age of the American Concert Band"

Disc 1 - Band Concert

Florentiner March - Fucik
Military Overture for Band, Op. 24 - Felix Mendelssohn / arr. L.P.Lauendeau
(Edited from the original Gilmore Band arrangement)
Old Comrades - Teike
Carnival of Venice - Arban
Frank Kaderabek, trumpet
Serenade - Schubert
Frank Kaderabek, trumpet
Skyrocket March - Grafula
Variations on a Theme of Corelli - Reisteter
Steve Reisteter, clarinet
Back Talk - Green/arr. Moyer
James Moyer, xylphone and Randy Edelman, percussion
Dance of the Serpents - Boccalari
Wedding of the Winds - Hall
Chicago Tribune March - Chambers
Dance of the Comedians from "Bartered Bride" - Smetana /Clark
Salute to Allentown - Ray Weatherhold

Disc 2 - Sousa!

Rifle Regiment
Grand Promenade at the White House
Selections from "The Bride Elect"
Corcoran Cadets
La Reina de la Mer Valtzes
With Pleasure
I've Made My Plans for the Summer
Silver Spray (Schottische)
Willow Blossoms (Fox Trot)
The Coquette
Gliding Girl (Tango)
Belle of Chicago
Glory of the Yankee Navy
Pathfinder of Panama
Mars & Venus from "Looking Upward"
Stars and Stripes Forever