The Allentown Band, Inc.

Volume 26

"Pennsylvania Pioneers"

Sunday Call Chronicle March - Albertus L. Meyers
Dedicated to the Morning Call Newspaper, Allentown, PA

Columbian National Potpourri - Thomas Coates
Hail Columbia, Star Spangled Banner, Yankee Doodle

Greeting to Bethlehem - George Rosenkrans
To the Bethlehem Steel Company Band

333rd Engineer’s (S.S.) March - Albert Marchetto
Dedicated to son Creatore Marchetto

Memories of Stephen Foster - Lucien Cailliet

Mary Marble - George Rosenkrans
Dedicated to the Editor of the Pennsylvania Grit, Williamsport, PA

213th Coast Artillery Pennsylvania N.G -Walter Larrimer

American Red Cross March - Louis Panella

Repasz Band March -Charles Sweely-Harry J. Lincoln

Un Giorno in Venezia (A Day in Venice) - Ethelbert Nevin/Herman Bellstedt

Peace and Liberty - Adolph Lipsitz

Lincoln Highway - Floyd J. St Clair

Cupid’s Bouquet Concert Waltzes - Charles Sanglear

The Benefactor - Arthur D. Davenport

Hotel Allen - Monroe Althouse
Named for the Hotel Allen in Allentown and played by the Allentown Band
at the dedication concert of Allentown’s West Park Band Shell in 1908

University of Pennsylvania Band March - Roland Seitz

Down the Line - George Rosenkrans
To the Volunteer Band, Du Bois, Pennsylvania

My Lady Lindy - George Rosenkrans

Midnight Fire Alarm - Harry J. Lincoln