The Allentown Band, Inc.

Volume 24

"Echoes of the 1860s"

The Star Spangled Banner - arr. Claudio Grafulla
Cavalry Quickstep - Claudio Grafulla
Military Overture for Band, Op. 24 - Felix Mendelssohn / arr. L.P.Lauendeau
(Edited from the original Gilmore Band arrangement)
Little Tycoon March - Thomas Coates / arr. David Diggs
L'Union, a Paraphrase on National Airs - L.M. Gottschalk / arr. Samuel Adler
Michael Toth, piano
Major General U.S. Grant Grand March (1863) - Joseph Gung'l / arr. Roger Smith
Wood Up Quickstep - John Holloway
David Golden and Gregory Seifert, trumpets
Gentle Annie - Stephen Foster / arr. Loras Schissel
Clearnce Weber, euphonium
Echoes of the 1860s - Donald Hunsberger
(Based on music of the New Hampshire Third Regimental Band)
Union March - Francis Scala / edited by Don Patterson
To Heal a Nation (The Gettysburg Address) - James Hosay
Emile Guida, narrator
Cakewalk Suite - L.M. Gottschalk / Hershy Kay
Grand Walk Around - Wallflower Waltz - Sleight of Feet
Entrance of the Magicians - Gala Cakewalk
Skyrocket March - Claudio Grafulla