The Allentown Band, Inc.

Volume 1 Revisited

This recording is in response to the many requests for the first recording of "Our Band Heritage" series to be made available on the Compact Disk format. Using current state-of-the art digital recording equipment, we have re-recorded all of the selections on the original release of "Our Band Heritage" and added 2 seldom heard Sousa works as a bonus.

Selection List

Rifle Regiment - John Philip Sousa
Presidential Polonaise - John Philip Sousa
Glory of the Yankee Navy - John Philip Sousa
Manhattan Beach - John Philip Sousa
Hampden Fireman March - G. R. Reher
On The Road - Edwin Franko Goldman
Salute to Bert Meyers - Henry Crespi
The Whistler and His Dog - Arthur Pryor
(Susanne Bleiler Conrad, piccolo)
Hands Across the Sea - John Philip Sousa
Allentown Band Sesquicentennial - William Pruyn
The Flashing Eyes of Andalusia Waltz from "Camera Studies" - John Philip Sousa
Hail to the Spirit of Liberty - John Philip Sousa
Salute to Allentown - Ray Wetherhold
Game Preserve - John Philip Sousa
The Gliding Girl Tango - John Philip Sousa
The Fairest of the Fair - John Philip Sousa
The Stars and Stripes Forever - John Philip Sousa