The Allentown Band, Inc.

Volume 19 - "Sesquicentennial"

The Music of John Philip Sousa

March: Transit of Venus
Suite: Three Quotations
a) Grand March: The King of France
b) Reverie: I, Too, Was Born in Arcadia
c) The Grand Promenade at the White House
Waltz: The Charlatan Waltzes from the Operetta "The Charlatan"
March: USSACs arranged by Ray Wetherhold
March: Game Preserve by Albertus L. Meyers
Characteristic Dance: The Coquette Caprice
Gallop: On Wings of LightningSchottische: Silver Spray
March: The Crusader
Suite: Tales of a Traveler
a) The Kaffir on the Karoo
b) In the Land of the Golden Fleece
c) The Grand Promenade at the White House
March: The Federal