The Allentown Band, Inc.

Volume 14

A word about this recording: In 1899 The Allentown Band played for the dedication of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, an Allentown landmark situated in the city's center square at Seventh and Hamilton Streets which was dedicated to Civil War Veterans of both North and South. As part of The 100th Anniversary Re-dedication Celebration of the monument, The Allentown Band presented an historic concert at Allentown Symphony Hall. The entire concert was based on actual programs presented by The Allentown Band in the late 1890's under the baton of its Conductor Martin Klingler. Volume Fourteen is based on the 100th Anniversary Program performed on Saturday, October 3, 1999.

Selection List

The Man Behind the Gun - John Philip Sousa
Ballet Music from "William Tell" - Giocchino Rossini, arr. J.O. Casey
(1. Allegretto)
(2. Allegretto (Waltz))
(3. March. Allegretto brillante (Soldiers' March)
Facilita Air with Variations - J. Hartmann
(Soloist - Frank Kaderabek, Cornet)
Serenade - Franz Schubert
(Soloist - Frank Kaderabek, Flugelhorn)
L'Estudiantina Waltz - Emile Waldteuffel
The Charleton March - John Philip Sousa
The Blue and Grey Patrol - C.W. Dalbey
Sextet from "Lucia di Lammermoor" - Geatano Donizeti
(Soloists - Frank Kaderabek, Greg Seifert)
(Ezra Wenner, Jeffrey Krause)
(Warren Wilson, Terry Stettler)
Famous 22nd Regiment March - Victor Herbert
The Wizard of the Nile Selection - Victor Herbert
Second Regiment Connecticut N.G. March - David W. Reeves
Ye Ancients March - David W. Reeves