The Allentown Band, Inc.

Volume 13

My Hero from "The Chocolate Soldier" - Oscar Straus/Harry Alford
Morning Noon and Night in Vienna Overture - Franz von Suppe/Tobani
March Militaire I - Franz Schubert/Laurendeau
Napoli - Herman Bellstedt/Frank Simon
(Tyrone Breuninger, Euphonium)
My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice - Camille Sain-Saens/Laurendeau
(Tyrone Breuninger, Euphonium)
March/Overture - Don Butterfield
High School Cadets - John Philip Sousa
"The Bride Elect" Selection - John Philip Sousa
Our Flirtations March - John Philip Sousa
Three Dances from "The Bartered Bride" - Friedrich Smetana/Tom Clark
(1. Polka)
(2. Furiant)
(3. Dance of the Comedians)
Liberty Loan March - John Philip Sousa